Friday, December 21, 2012

Death from below?

Good news the world didn't end, and we're all still alive. Except maybe for the people that passed away last night which is a god awful shame. I'm sure they would have laughed at the world not ending.

So its been a little while since I've blogged about something and I have some interesting theories this time around. So I have been away from eve for a while 2 months actually. In the mean time I have been playing dust and loving every minute of it. And as odd as this may sound power blocs of present maybe vunerable to lose there space. There biggest threat doesn't come from the new power bloc, or even themselves. But a dust corps I know, I know I'm speaking in tongues incomprehensible to a sane eve mind. But this actually might be truer then some may give it credit for. Dust corps have connections that go deep into eve's power blocs of both Null and FW.

A motivating factor is pure self interest to see there dust corp grow into an alliance and be a viable tool anywhere (bear in mind this is still a theory but a one grounded in factual basis). Corps like the Imperfects, Zion TCD, Tritan, Seraphim ect.. Have high up connections and probably have the ability to find work anywhere because of that. Moreover the pilots that call these corps home should be motivated to capture CFC planets to starve a good chunk of there player base of income. And you may think oh we can just hire our own mercs no problem. In the case of the Imperfects I hope you have enough isk to last you a good while. This corp has an attitude about them that would make the 1337 PvP corps look cearbear. I would blame it on ignorance that is if they were ignorant, competence and total faith in there gun game is there greatest strength. No one coalition could probably find a better group of bunnies. This is why no coalition could afford to kick them out on there own terms. Sure throw 100m at Zion TCD who placed among the top three in the testers tourney. They may even win against them but in short the imperfects will probably take it straight back.

How long are we willing to keep throwing hundreds of millions to billions at a planet worth 2b a month if that? Even if dust pushes into sov mechanics itself there is no structures to bash, stations to grind, or fleets to whelp. Eve alliances will wake up in a sobering rage when the bunnies they hire can't even achieve the conditions to orbital strike. Whilst getting battered and harassed by surface cannons mean while their space burns. So ignoring the aforementioned corps is only done so at your own risk. Take note of these corps especially the Imperfects who believe they can't be beat by anyone. Nor do they care how much isk coalitions can throw and a myriad of different dust corps/alliances. They truly believe that they can beat any coalition level organization just because they believe they are leet gun game. This is as I said is there greatest strength and I applaud their mindset. I actually believe this to be true because no one in dust can beat them right now corp battle or otherwise. No Eve organization can employ enough mercs to win against them. Thus the space will be weakened for ignoring it.

I also question where loyalties now lie not to what corp or which alliance. But rather which game? Will pilots stay true to there eve kin who they have played with for many years. Or will the pilots be motivated enough to be fleet commanders for mixed corps/alliances. Who get to command not only eve assets but dust ground forces in a sift coup. Or even putting eve on hiatus for good, not looking back and being a full time bunny. I've toyed with that thought myself and I can understand that decision to quit. But my spaceships are just to shiny to mothball and don't deserve that sort of treatment. Interesting idea of dust corps/alliances toppling whole alliances and taking away there player base. Something similar is bound to happen sooner then later. But one thing is for sure the reaction of the eve player base will be something of mass shock and awe as well as many tears. Tears of hopelessness that they lost there space because of a well coordinated alliance of bunnies and pilots, swept through there space and they could do nothing being popped as they orbited a district. And this is for sure to happen in FW.

But keep an eye out on the horizon dust isn't far of from connecting to TQ. Open beta is coming just around the corner and maybe we'll be scared of something that we can't control.


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