Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Exploring the different.

Well I've finally at a stable computer again! thank god because I have been itching to put a new blog out! This is going to be a change of pace as I put eve in the background. At the foreground I'll take you into a discussion about DUST 514.

The Revelry 

I have been playing the hell out of dust. I like it a lot, its everything eve but from a different vantage point. And since its conception there has been talk about dust will fail. Or talk about if dust fails then eve might just kick the bucket. There have been questions about the integrity of the PS3 community. The speculation around the game has actually driven it to promote itself. Does this sound like a game we know? I for one can say dust has the intrigue, competitiveness, and retention the Eve PC players have been going on about. But the dust players can talk about it much because of that pesky NDA that envelops it. I will, but I won't go into game play.

The Game

So for how long I've been playing dust I have made a few conclusions. These maybe early conclusions but I feel like sharing. Dust has the same winning formula that eve has. New Eden has a very high retention. Eve sees ppl go to SWTOR, RIFT, MWO, even LoL. But those players somehow find there way back. The immenseness of Eve carries over to dust. Its very common that we take breaks from eve for a few months or so but we come back easy enough.

Dust shouldn't be any different tbh. CCP is putting the same philosophies behind a shooter. A social shooter, with the vastness of an entire universe, the persistence of an MMO, and finally gameplay that you only find in one place. This has what made eve what it is today. No game can compare to it, no game is like it.

In eve we talk about carebears all the time. You know those giant space pinatas that float about high sec and chomp rocks all day every day. They bitch and they whine but we all know high sec is where they reside and its where most of them stay. The dust community has named the same players as 'casuals' and they are every bit as bitchy. They cry for nerfs and only think about themselves in an infinite universe. And still the 'hardcore' crowd does the same as any pirate, null sec pilot, FW player, or anyone who PvP does. WE DON'T FUCKING CARE!!!! Because we know those idiots will stay in high sec. They'll never amount to much other then cannon fodder. They'll come and go simple as that. And if they ever venture even one parsec into null or low they'll pay! Does this sound a game we know?

I again point you to a familiar game and its Eve. The harshness of the community of eve, and the game itself, is what sifts the weak from the strong. Its this sort of Darwinism that persists through out new eden. So what we are left with is the fittest of the fit, the adapt, and the cunning. Hardcore dust bunnies are there and they're here to stay! Point being no other shooter can be like dust in scale and immersion.

The competitive 'hardcore' crowd is using the brain god gave them. Implementing ground warfare doctrines, planning corp battles, and setting up there next move forward. They'll alarm clock to a potential threat. And the alliances these smart cookies are forging is incredible. And its all for the sake of putting your name on the map. These players are not the console kids we thought they would be. Instead they'll be intrical part of the New Eden community. Small alliances that have very skilled pilots but can't out match the blob have fallen to the way side. But if they have a dust contingent there viable again for null sec conquest. Alliances will have huge standing armies at there disposal. Dust corps will amass coalition caliber fleets to help with there planetary conquest. And no, just cause you think your an eve player doesn't mean they'll follow your isk. Dust corps have there own ambitions and will shake the foundation of new eden in ways we will have to adapt to.


Dust is very likely to succeed and surpass current FPS'
There are stupid dust players, and there are smart ones.
Hardcore players will be the ones your alliance will be contracting. casuals stay in high sec.